Due to business expansion, we are now looking for the following talents
Senior industrial designer
Job requirements:
1. Industrial design major or related majors, junior college degree or above, more than three years of work experience;
2. Good at thinking, quick in response, with insightful views of design (product) trend, strong divergent thinking and rigorous logical thinking;
3. Have more than two years of experience in industrial product design, can communicate with others by hand painting, have a certain understanding of the structure, materials and workmanship;
4. Proficiency in the use of drawing product 2D design sketches and 3D modeling renderings by two-dimensional and three-dimensional software
5. Have passion for design, with team spirit, leadership skills, ability of dealing with matters, as well as responsibility
6. Humble, practical and motivated, with high work ethic;
Structural engineer
Job requirements:
1. Machinery, mold and related majors, junior college degree or above;
2. Good work ethic and team spirit of collaboration;
3. Skilled use of PRO-E 2001 or PRO-E2.0, versed in surface modeling;
4. Give priority to those who have more than one year of work experience, and work experience in household appliance design
Product Planner
Job requirement:
1. Industrial design major or related majors, junior college degree or above, more than one year of work experience of industrial design
2. Have both theoretical knowledge about and practical operating ability of product design
3. Strong ability of copywriting, skilled use of office software and design software
4. Responsible for the planning of the product line, industry research, and user needs analysis
5. Be adapt in teamwork, have rigorous thinking, and good communication ability
Candidates who meet the above requirements, please send your resumes and representative works to us by e-mail. The materials will not be refunded but will be properly handled. An appointment will be made if appropriate. Thank you!

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