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Company introduction:


Foshan Perfect Industrial Design Company.Ltd was founded at 2001, it mainly deals with the designs of electrical domestic appliances and high technology electrical products. We have a full set of new service including making plans, creative disigns(the design of appearances), the design of structures, making models and harmonizing colors to the products.
We have a manage system which is connected to the world industry. Now our designs have won the acceptation of vast famous corporations, including Midea, Sanyo, Konka,  SAMSUNG, MITSUBISHI, SUPOR, TCL, ASD, CNC and etc. The products designed by us have gained the acceptation of national consumers and international markets. At present they are sold in many foreign countries, especially in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
We have got various of prizes. 200+ products developed and 90%+ used every year.

As known, we are one of the top in the design field. 

In recent years:


2008  Folding Tea Induction Cooker received 2008 GOVERNOR CUP Guangdong Industrial Design Award
2009  Tianmu High Quality Electric Cooker won The First Prize of 2009 Midea Group Creative Design Award
2010  Tianmu High Quality Electric Cooker won COTTONTREE PRIZE — 2010 CHINA ORIGINAL PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS
2010  Tianmu High Quality Electric Cooker won 2010 China Red Star Creative Design Award
2010  Vacuum Cleaner won Excellent Award of The 5th China Industrial Design Patent Competition
2010  Touching Intelligent Electric Cooker won The Most Promising Design Award of The 5th China Industrial Design Patent Competition
2011  Keli Induction Cooker received Guangdong  Patent  Excellent Award
2010  We got the title of Intellectual Property Rights
2010  We became a member of Protect Intellectual Property Rights association
2011  We won the title of  excellent unit for protecting  intellectual property rights.
2011  We became a member of  Household  Electrical  Appliances Chamber Of Commerce
2011   “IH Smart Square Rice Cooker” won the “Silver Award” of Innovation Design Award of Midea Group.
2011 “Tianmu Rice Cooker” won the “Governor Cup” Best Industrial Design Award of Guangdong Province.
2011 “Micropressure Vacuum Smart Square Rice Cooker” won the Most Creative Prize of the 6th Design Patent Contest of China.
2012  Established the Foshan Association of Industrial Design and served as the president unit.
2012  One of the first enterprises of Foshan City committed to production and sales of "genuine goods".
2012  Initiated the Foshan Association of Design Enterprises and served as the vice chairman unit.
2012  Won the title of “Private Technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province”
2012  Bladeless fan won the Most Fashionable Design Prize of the 7th Design Patent Contest of China; food vacuum preservation machine won the Outstanding Design Award



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